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 Respect Your Mother Earth

Sejuiti Mansur ::
The United Kingdom shall be the first country to recognise climate change as a critical emergency. Climate change is the greatest challenge to the human race. In the past, the wars would have been seen as the greatest atrocity mankind has committed. However, war is a result of abusive power – climate change is a result of us all.
In recent days, we have seen the younger generation take charge of their future.
We witnessed this in the Extinction Rebellion. A socio-political movement that encaptured London in valiant protests. It shone a light on climate breakdown and the severe risk of human extinction and ecological collapse. This movement held strong against countless arrests and relentless pressure from politicians, as it cited inspiration from grassroots movements, which have shaped our future. Namely, the suffragettes and the African-American Civil Rights Movement. It rallied support worldwide and highlighted a clear urgency to tackle climate breakdown.
The Extinction Rebellion saw masses of ordinary human beings coming together to fight together. However, it should not be solely ordinary people shining a light on climate issues. It does not matter how many paper straws are used or whether if switching to a plant-based diet shall cure the world of climate change. The burden of climate change must not fall on ordinary people to battle.
Climate change is caused by elitist people in power – from politicians to oil executives who profit from misusing the Earth’s natural minerals for profit. There must be a renewed green revolution, as the climate-wrecking elite shall jeopardise the lives of poorer citizens. The citizens who cannot defend themselves.
The critical consequences of climate change have already been witnessed in Bangladesh.
A recent report from the United Nations Children’s Fund has advised that over nineteen million children are now in danger. The ever-constant disasters that plague Bangladesh has now reached an uncontrollable level.
Bangladesh has done amazingly well in its climate resilience. However, the dense population and weak infrastructure have led the country uniquely vulnerable to flood, cyclones and many other environmental casualties. The children amount to forty-per cent of the Bangladeshi population, with the total including Rohingya refugees who have been given sanctuary in southern Bangladesh. Reports have concluded that children’s lives are in danger as there is a constant presence of floods as climate change unflinchingly destroys the river banks.
The environmental calamities have led to the damage of communities, with public services at a loss to function because the surrounding environment has been destroyed by natural disasters. The lack of functioning health services and access to bare necessities has pushed families to migrate to bigger cities. Therefore, the children, who have been uprooted from their homes, have no choice, but to turn to child labour. The potential to have a fully-fledged childhood is denied, as the desperate need to escape damaging environments has hindered their chances of continuing education.
Climate change has reversed the many achievements Bangladesh has made in child development. The existence of extreme weather events, with the increasing sea levels and saltwater intrusion, Bangladeshi families are being forced deeper into poverty and displacement.
Our history is enriched with ordinary people making a stand for themselves. We have never been a country that bent to the will of elitist politicians. We are not the country who shall bend to the will of elitist businessmen who see the deaths of nineteen million children as “collateral damage”.
The Extinction Rebellion is solely one example of a generation fighting to survive. Every individual has a duty to contribute to preserving planet Earth. Before we are past the point of no return. If we ignorantly turn a blind eye to those in need, then all that Bangladesh has worked towards will be for nothing.
Our history.
Our sacrifices.
It will cease to exist.
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